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ADVER TISEMENT Getting Free from Wires: The THZ WirelessHART Solution It can be difficult to get accurate temperature measurements in remote locations where wiring for power and signal connections are limited. Even in wired locations, adding loops is costly and time-consuming. The THZ Wireless HART solution eliminates these problems in one affordable and reliable package. It combines a rugged battery-powered HART temperature transmitter with the BULLET Wireless HART Adapter by MACTek. It transmits temperature measurements and critical HART diagnostic information to a Wireless HART gateway – even if power is not readily available. The THZ Wireless HART solution is more affordable The THZ than competitive products WirelessHART and is designed to reduce assembly. long-term costs. As a wireless, battery-powered solution, it can be installed without the need for additional power or signal wiring. This saves installation costs along with long-term maintenance and repair costs associated with wiring. The design of the THZ Wireless HART assembly also helps to reduce battery replacement costs with a projected battery life of more than five years. The BULLET provides battery power management by cycling the transmitter’s power and taking periodic readings. This optimizes the balance between power needs and wireless communications bandwidth. There is no need to stock or purchase special batteries since it uses off-the-shelf D-type lithium batteries. Dependability The THZ reliably provides accurate temperature readings. It has an industry-leading 20-bit input resolution and long-term stability specifications, providing up to five years of service between scheduled calibrations. The BULLET prevents the loss of critical temperature readings by monitoring the battery voltage and setting a HART alarm bit when it nears critical levels. The weatherproof IP66 NEMA Type 4X housing is available for installation in rugged field and hazardous areas. Cost Savings Wiring for the THZ WirelessHART solution with the battery pack. Ease of Use The THZ Wireless HART solution is easy to set-up and install and can either be factory configured or field configured using standard HART handheld communicators or HART-capable host systems. It has easy access to HART handheld connections and battery voltage monitoring terminals. Demand Moore Reliability Learn more at: or contact us today at and 800-999-2900 input #52 at

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