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THIS IS WHY more patients prefer our lenses. DAILIES TOTAL1 ® Water Gradient Contact Lenses feature a unique water gradient for lasting lubricity and end-of-day comfort. 1 No wonder patients preferred DAILIES TOTAL1 ® Contact Lenses 13 to 1 over their habitual lenses. 2* PREFERRED The First and Only Water Gradient Contact Lens 13 TO 1 9.2 OUT OF 10 >80% 33% >80% ~100% COMFORT 1 Contact Lens Cross-Section Enlarged Water Gradient END-OF-DAY UNIQUE WATER GRADIENT Features different surface and core water content LASTING LUBRICITY Ultrasoft surface gel approaches 100% water at the outermost surface 3** ALL DAY COMFORT Outstanding comfort from beginning to end of day 1 Let your patients experience the DAILIES TOTAL1 ® contact lens difference today. PERFORMANCE DRIVEN BY SCIENCE ™ * Percentage of wearers agreeing with the statement “I prefer these lenses to my previous contact lenses” among those with a preference. ** Based on in vitro measurement of unworn lenses. 1. In a randomized, subject-masked clinical study, n=40. Alcon data on fi le, 2011. 2. Based on an ongoing survey in Europe of 24 ECPs fi tting 280 customers in DAILIES TOTAL1 ® contact lenses. Alcon data on fi le, 2012. 3. Angelini TE , Nixon RM, Dunn AC, et al. Viscoelasticity and mesh-size at the surface of hydrogels characterized with microrheology. ARVO 2013; E-abstract 1614872. See product instructions for complete wear, care and safety information. © 2013 Novartis 7/13 DAL13315JAD

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