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Enhance Your Practice with A customizable, headache-free EMR system can help ophthalmologists build a more effi cient practice. But fi rst, they have to fi nd the system that’s right for them. Electronic medical records (EMRs) are nothing new—in fact, MDoffi ce has been offering healthcare solutions since 1984. But some EMR systems are complicated, expensive and time-consuming. Not the case with MDoffi ce. Regardless of the your specialty or the number of locations and size of your practice, MDoffi ce’s unifi ed EMR and PM software will manage the fl ow of your patients from check-in to check-out smoothly. One way to gain and keep an edge on the competition is to work smarter and faster. MDoffi ce offers EMR software, which leads to increased reimbursements, thorough documentation and time savings; as well as practice management (PM) software, which allows doctors to integrate the management of both medical records and offi ce administration. According to MDoffi ce, PM software helps you do everything from booking appointments to checking patients in and out, to following up with billing and reimbursement from insurance companies. How to Make EMRs Work for You and Your Offi ce Mark H. Blecher, MD e began researching electronic medical records (EMRs) almost four years ago. The federal mandate to con-vert initially stimulated our interest in EMR, but we also were in need of a new practice management solu-tion, and I was interested in how EMRs could improve the collection and management of clinical data. I spent almost two years at each of the major ophthalmology meetings visiting with vendors, getting demos and eventually having them come out to the practice. EMRs Identifying Needs I knew from the start that I wanted an integrated solution: practice management and EMRs. And not a hybrid system, either. Too much room for error and fi nger pointing. This parameter ruled out almost 50 percent of the possibilities at that time. In addition, I wanted something that would continuously evolve, because it was apparent that this fi eld was young and the requirements imposed by the feds would change as well. Therefore, it was important to get an idea of how responsive and fl exible the vendor was going to be with regard to growth of the product, customiza-tion, as well as customer service. Our EMR system would need W to be intuitive and as easy to use as possible. Not only would there be a range of ophthalmologists in our practice adopting the sys-tem—some more tech savvy than others—but also technicians and front offi ce staff, so it needed to work for everyone. After consulting our IT partner and very careful con-sideration, we wound up choosing MDoffi ce. The Right Choice Early on in my search for an EMR system, I noticed how ineffi cient and annoying it was to have to change screens during the course of an exam. MDoffi ce’s EMRs has all of your information on one screen, so it’s only a matter of The opinions expressed in this supplement to Review of Ophthalmology do not necessarily re fl ect the views, or imply endorsement, of the editor or publisher. Copyright 2013 Jobson Medical Information LLC. All rights reserved. Supported by

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