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Lubriplate ® High Performance Synthetic Lubricants The Lubriplate webpage at provides product information and technical data for all Lubriplate and Fiske brand lubricants. In addition you can review the distributor program to determine the Lubriplate distributor nearest you. Lubriplate And Fiske Brands Lubricant Inventory Includes... High Performance Synthetic Lubricants, Gear, Bearing and Recirculating Oils, Air Compressor and Vacuum Pump Oils, Hydraulic Fluids, Multi-Purpose Greases, NSF H-1 Registered Food Machinery Lubricants, Environmentally Responsible Lubricants, Specialty Lubricants, Automotive Lubricants, Motor Oils and Metal Working Fluids. Complimentary ESP Extra Services Package Available to all Lubriplate Customers, these services include: Complete Plant Surveys, Lubrication Maintenance Software, Color Coded Lubricant Machinery Tags, Follow-Up Lubricant Analysis, A Toll-Free Technical Support Hotline and e-mail and a variety of end user and distributor Lubrication Training programs. Packaging Containers Lubriplate Lubricants come in a variety of packages from small tubes to grease cartridges to bottles, pails, quarter drums, 55 gallon drums and bulk bins. Online Webstore You can shop online at Lubriplate’s webstore for a variety of lubricants. They include: Lubricants in Tubes, Spray Lubricants, Grease Cartridges, Automotive Lubricants, Motor Oils, Household Lubricants and more. 129 Lockwood Street | Newark, NJ 07105 Tel: 800-733-4755 | E-mail: To visit Lubriplate’s webpage go to:

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