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What is Power Quality? Power Quality is a measure of how well a system supports reliable operation of its loads. A power disturbance or event can involve voltage, current, or frequency. Power disturbances can originate in consumer power systems, consumer loads, or the utility. Fluke Corporation offers an extensive range of power quality test tools for troubleshooting, preventive maintenance, and long-term recording and analysis in industrial applications and utilities. The Cost of Poor Power Quality Productivity is the key to survival in today’s globally competitive environment. To gain more output without increasing inputs, companies rely on automation, which in turn relies on clean power. Power quality problems can cause processes and equip-ment to malfunction or shut down. And the consequences can range from excessive energy costs to complete work stoppage. Obviously, power quality is critical. With even just one Fluke power quality meter, you can pinpoint the areas in your electrical system that are causing the power factor discrepancies and immediately take steps to eliminate the performance issues and reduce utility charges while increasing your system’s capacity. Learn more: Managing Energy Efficiency Managing energy efficiency in your facility can save money. Conducting an energy inspection can reduce energy costs by up to 25%. You can start by identifying waste in any of three building systems; electrical, production process and building infrastructure. Learn how to identify and quantify energy waste in your facility with tools and resources from Fluke Corporation. The materials in this resource center, including case studies, success stories, videos, and check lists were designed to help you measure energy efficiency, design an energy measurement program for your facility and justify the program to management. Interactive illustrations will guide you through a facility to see locations of potential energy loss. Learn more: For more information visit: Fluke Corporation | PO Box 9090 | Everett, WA 98206

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