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S PECIAL A DVERTISING S ECTION JULY 2013 • PART 2 OF 2 Product Guide OPHTHALMIC Dear Doctor: Review of Optometry is pleased to offer you this preview of many exciting new products now available in the ophthalmic market-place. In the pages to follow, you’ll learn about innovative new medications, diagnostic instruments, corrective lens options, in-office laboratory equipment and many other new products. To obtain more information on a particular product, follow these steps: 1. Circle the corresponding number on the enclosed reader service card for each product of interest to you. 2. Fill in your name and address. 3. Return the postage-paid card to us. Educational materials will be sent directly to you by the individual companies. Thank you for your interest and support! A JOBSON PUBLICATION • VOLUME 150 / NUMBER 7 Scientifically advanced . A brilliantly simple choice . Circle No. 01 © 2013 Allergan, Inc. ® mark owned by Allergan, Inc. APC70UE13 Introducing Symphony from Keeler Quality design and leading technology Slit Lamps with a contemporary design. No Shaking Required. Allergan, Inc. (800) 433-8871 Circle No. 02 Keeler Instruments, Inc. ▲ (800) 523-5620 NEW CIRRUS HD-OCT ō ō ō ,QWURGXFLQJQHZ FastTrac™  SUHPLXPWUDFNLQJVRIWZDUH ,QVLJKWIXODQDO\VHVDQG FKDQJHPHDVXUHPHQW 3UHPLHUWRROVIRUFRPSUHKHQVLYH JODXFRPDPDQDJHPHQW CIRRUS™ HD-OCT 0RGHOV


 Circle No. 04 Heidelberg Engineering ▲ (800) 931-2230 Circle No. 03 Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc. | Toll free: 800 342 9821 | Be sure to check out our Website, too! On , click the Product Guide button. PAGE 1

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