Control Engineering June 2013-CE : Page-94

ADVER TISEMENT Siemens Industry, Industry Automation Division The Siemens Industry Automation Division supports the entire value chain of its industrial customers – from product design to production and services – with an unmatched combination of automation technology, industrial control technology and industrial software. With its software solutions, the division can shorten the time-to-market of new products by up to 50 percent. Industry Automation comprises several Business Units: Industrial Automation Systems, Control Components and Systems Engineering, and Sensors and Communications. “How does Totally Integrated Automation drive maximum productivity?” Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) has been the core intelligence of over 100,000 automation products (drives, motor control centers, energy management and control, PROFINET/PROFBUS networking, and much more) for nearly 15 years. This is the foundation for open flexible technology and maximum interoperability across multiple devices to transform them into a totally integrated automation system. TIA, when synchronized with customer requirements, optimizes factory, machine and process operations allowing you to not only produce more, more efficiently, but increase Raj Batra, Vice President, your innovation and Siemens Industry competitiveness. Automation Division TIA Portal – one engineering framework for all automation tasks. Siemens has redefined engineering with the Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) Portal. The TIA Portal is the most intuitive, efficient, and proven engineering framework, enabling you to integrate PLC, PC-based control, HMI, Drives and Network configuration in a single engineering environment. This ground breaking innovation can shorten your engineering cycle, save commissioning time, reduce maintenance costs, and reduce your total cost of ownership. This has resulted in up to 40% reduced engineering time, thus reducing your time to market. See how TIA Portal has significantly benefited our customers, visit the website at tia-portal-awards. Safety – Siemens Safety Integrated increases safety and reduces complexity. The SIMATIC Safety Integrated solution provides proven technology, as part of your overall safety program, to save lives. This safety solution blends seamlessly into Totally Integrated Automation and lowers initial and operating costs, reduces down-time, increases productivity and much more. This results in savings up to 30% in total cost of ownership. input #59 at

Siemens Industry, Inc.

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