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ADVER TISEMENT Replace Your Old Meters for Modern Conveniences Transmitter Remote Displays Have Evolved Established in 1974, Precision Digital Corporation manufactures a modern, comprehensive line of digital display and control instrumentation. Precision Digital has vastly improved the process industry’s archaic, diffi cult to program 7-segment 1/8 DIN or undersized fi eld enclosed displays. At Precision Digital, instrumentation has evolved to improve convenience, productivity, and safety – with features many plant engineers are still unaware of. Bigger is Better The PD765 Trident X2 optimizes traditional 1/8 DIN digital panel meters and with huge 1.2 inch digits readable in direct sunlight. For applications such as water fl ow rate or temperature indication, this meter provides a larger, brighter, and easier to read display than those of dirty or damaged meters that have spent years in a plant or outdoors. If a process is worth measuring, it is worth using a large, mod-ern, accurate display that makes the reading stand out. Dual-Input Meters Do the Math For You The dual-line P RO V U and ProtEX-MAX dual-input meters and rate totalizers provide more than just dual inputs to display two variables, units, and tag. Math functions can be performed on the two inputs, including sum, difference, ratio, percent, and more. For applications requiring this kind of math, let the meters do the math for you and increase accuracy and effi ciency while decreasing errors. Measure Level in Feet & Inches Why display level in milliamps, hundredths of feet, or hundreds of inches when you can display it in feet and inches. The PD6801 explosion-proof feet and inches level meter does just that. The ability of an operator to understand important level data at a glance is critical, especially in hazardous areas. The feet and inches display, equipped with custom units and a useful bar graph indicator, is much more informative than using a traditional one-line seven-segment display. Replace Your Old Meters Transmitter displays and digital panel meters are a crucial part of process monitoring. Features like pump alterna-tion control and safety interlocks using digital inputs allow the display to be at the heart of the process monitoring system, whether your process involves fl ow, level, temperature, or pressure. If your instrumentation is hard to understand or lacking features, consider modern innovative replacements to improve your processes. To speak to a representative or to place an order, contact Precision Digital today at 1-800-343-1001 or email For more information please visit our website at input #56 at

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