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ADVER TISEMENT Are Technological Innovations Destructive? happened to all the displaced workers? They relied on their distinctly human instinct to “improve or die” and learned new skills and technology. Dr. Fest postulates that “It’s much easier to improve than to be replaced by a better mouse trap.” Benjamin Franklin stated it best when he said “When you finish changing, you’re finished!” A great example of the destructive, yet beneficial, power of technological innovation is captured by Otek’s new model NTT. The NTT (New Technol-ogy Transmitter) takes the traditional analog meter invented in 1893 by Sir E. Weston (signal powered) and combined it with a traditional 4-20mA current loop transmitter. However, that’s all that’s traditional in the NTT! The NTT is variation of Otek’s new Loop Powered Display/Controller series LPD. The NTT is a 100% loop/ Model LPD-0 signal powered bar-meter to which Otek added its patented isolated 4-20mA transmitter, but kept the LPD’s powerful firmware and hardware. The NTT has isolated serial I/O (USB, 485, Ethernet), math functions, polynomi-als, X-Y tables, Log/Anti-log, scale tare, offset, relays, isolated 4-20mA output and numerous algorithms including PID. In addition, the NTT Model LPD-3 accepts over 30 input signals (TC, RTD, S-G, pH, RMS, etc.) and is even isolated 4-20mA loop powered on the front end. All of the NTT functionality is accessible via the serial port. This means that the NTT can work stand alone or become part of DCS/SCADA for complete process automation control (PAC). The automatic tricolor bargraph and high resolution digital display keep supervisory personnel informed of the process status and can even be used to send text to the operator. This frees up the PAC for other functions. The more efficient your automated process, the less human oversight is needed-just one more destructive innovation by mankind! Dr. Otto Fest, President and Founder of Otek Corporation Most people who work in the technical field find advances in technology to be extremely exciting. New innovations and inventions are often the topic of many lunch room discussions. However, let’s take a moment to ponder whether or not technological innovations are beneficial, destructive or both. According to Dr. Otto Fest, the President and Founder of Otek Corporation, one of the leading manufacturers of state-of-the-art digital panel meters and bargraphs, cutting edge innovation is both destructive and necessary but ultimately beneficial. Innovations partially destroy the existing labor force. When the printing press was invented, thousands of workers across the globe suddenly became irrelevant. The industrial revolution replaced the slow, inefficient and mistake-ridden worker with fast, highly efficient and accurate machines. If you watch the TV show “how it’s made,” you will be amazed at how millions and millions of items are produced without the interference of a human hand! Most goods are now produced using a form of Process Automation and Control (PAC). Yet, how can a displaced work force afford to consume the goods produced by the PAC? While the PAC technology has destroyed some of the workforce, Dr. Fest feels that these innovations are absolutely indispensable for society to advance. What Visit | Tel: 520-748-7900 | Fax: 520-790-2808 | email: input #52 at

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