Control Engineering June 2013-CE : Page-85

ADVER TISEMENT A Force in Domestic Manufacturing Because Omega Engineering offers over 100,000 products, many customers have the erroneous impression that the company is simply a catalog house, distributing products made by others. Actually, Omega is a major manufacturer in its own right, making over 80% of the products it offers, with this percentage continuously increasing. Wire Production Manufacturing at Omega starts near the bottom of the supply chain. The company actually produces its own thermocouple wire at a manufacturing operation that turns out tens of millions of feet per year. Starting with bare wire stock in a wide range of compositions and diameters, finished cable is made for a myriad of Omega products. Specialized machines turn out braided, extrud-ed, glass-wrapped, shielded, single conductor, multi-conductor, twisted shielded pairs, Kapton ® coated, and PFA coated cable in both solid and stranded styles. Thin Film Fabrication RTD elements used in temperature sensors and probes are made in Omega’s own thin film fabrication facility located in a class 10 clean room. Here the RTD elements are created on substrates, 2000 at a time. Omega is a major manufacturer in its own right, making over 80% of the products it offers Temperature Probes Omega boasts an automated probe manu-facturing facility that is unequalled. Starting with coils of flat metal stock and a wide range of wire types, a highly automated production line fabricates probe sheath, with wiring enclosed, in coils which can be hundreds of feet in length. Sheath sizes range from an incredibly thin 0.010 inches up to a robust 0.375 inches. While other manufacturers make the probes individually to a specific length, Omega can make any desired length by simply cutting it from the probe coil. Benefits of In-House Manufacturing Omega products are used in many critical applications in manufacturing, food processing, medicine, aerospace, and science, to name a few. By making the individual components within the company, Omega can achieve a measure of control not possible when critical parts are supplied by a variety of vendors with a variety of reliabilities. This is key to the high esteem Omega enjoys among its customers and its reputation for highly consistent, top quality products. For sales and service call 1-888-826-6342 | email: | input #50 at


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