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ADVER TISEMENT Committed to Engineers and Scientists Embedded Systems Outlook 2013 The Embedded Systems Outlook highlights important technologies and methodologies making a large impact on the embedded systems market. By interacting with over 35,000 companies worldwide, National Instruments has formed strategic partnerships with many key customers and leading technology providers including Analog Devices, Intel, and Xilinx, to identify market trends and industry best practices. National Instruments makes a posi-tive impact by doing what it does best—applying engineering exper-tise to critical societal issues and equipping engineers with tools that accelerate productivity, innova-tion, and discovery. NI’s graphical system design approach provides an integrated software and hardware platform that simplifies the devel-opment of any system that needs measurement and control. From Design to Test With a Standard Technology Platform NI offers graphical system design tools to engineers and scientists Learn more about the most pressing trends and challenges facing design teams building embedded control and monitoring sytems. Visit who develop next-generation con-trol and monitoring systems within industries such as energy, industrial control, life sciences, and transpor-tation. NI reconfigurable I/O (RIO) hardware and NI LabVIEW system design software provide an off-the-shelf platform to meet demanding control and monitoring tasks. This NI platform-based approach gives smaller design teams the confidence to build innovative embedded systems without wast-ing development time and cost on custom design. Visit to learn more. Download the 2013 outlook to explore the most pressing trends, opportunities, and challenges influencing today’s design teams that are building embedded control and monitoring systems. Download at: Reconfigurable Heterogeneous Architectures -When faster CPU cores fall short, embedded system designers combine heterogeneous processing elements to meet application needs. Democratization of Embedded System Design -Design teams are abandoning larger specialized teams for smaller groups focused on translating domain expertise into realized innovation. Total Economic Profitability -More companies are adopting a comprehensive approach that considers not only cost benefit analysis but also factors like flexibility and risk. The Digital Energy Revolution -Digital technologies are changing the way we manipulate, move, control, and store energy. Embedded Vision -The incorporation of visual data is taking embedded systems to new levels of performance. Phone: 888-433-3488 | Email: | input #49 at

National Instruments

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