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ADVER TISEMENT Moore Industries’ STA Safety Trip Alarm STA Safety Trip Alarm – Effective Alternative to Safety PLCs The flagship product in Moore Industries’ FS FUNCTIONAL SAFETY SERIES is the STA Safety Trip Alarm, a standalone safety system logic solver that has undergone critical testing by TÜV and exida and approved for 61508/61511 compliance, including single use in Safety Instrumented Systems up to SIL 2 with firmware approved for use in SIL 3 systems. Moore Industries’ FS FUNCTIONAL SAFETY SERIES addresses concerns of plant engineers and operators relating to the safety and reliability of their processes in hazardous settings. In many situations, a single fault or error can lead to a chain of devastating events within a process control system. Using a Safety Instrumented System (SIS) that implements one or more Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF) to return a process to a safe state after abnormal operational conditions protects against potential catastrophes. The FS FUNCTIONAL SAFETY SERIES products from Moore Industries give engineers a level of confidence in their safety systems and overall reliability. They are designed and built in compliance with the latest leading worldwide safety standard IEC 61508 and have also been audited and approved for use in safety systems by exida, an industry leading con-sulting, product testing and assessment agency with expertise in functional safety. exida-certified FMEDA reports are available on the products, enabling a functional safety practitioner to determine the product’s applicability in safety-related applications. The STA is easier to use and significantly more affordable than a typical safety PLC and can work as an extension of a larger control system or perform localized operation in safety settings. It acts as a single loop logic solver that performs these functions: • Warning of and acting on unwanted or potentially hazardous process conditions • Providing emergency shutdown in Safety Instrumented Systems • Providing on/off control and traditional alarm trip functions • Locally displays and retransmits PV status The STA is part of the ever-expanding FS FUNCTIONAL SAFETY SERIES , which includes a range of products designed to enhance safety in Safety Instrumented Systems and traditional process control settings. For more information visit Contact | (818)894-7111 | input #47 at

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