Control Engineering June 2013-CE : Page-77

ADVER TISEMENT At Eaton, powering a world that demands more inspires us. With over 100 years’ experience in electrical power management, we have the expertise to see beyond today. That’s why, when a high-end German auto manufacturer posed the challenge of expanding its existing operation in China, we leapt at the opportunity. A newly designed conveyor system had to be powered to transfer auto bodies to multiple welding stations. As well as integrate into the existing plant automation structure. The complexity of the project inspired us. A tremendous number of signals had to be processed across multiple stations. Motor drives and sensors had to be monitored and controlled centrally. The system had to be tuned to intricate quality control algorithms. Over 1,200 motors had to be protected. This was no ordinary project. It demanded extraordinary thinking. Eaton’s custom solution started with revolutionary SmartWire-DT ™ technology. By looking beyond the now, Eaton powered the conveyor system with never-before-seen flexibility, efficiency and speed. As well as flawlessly integrating into the existing plant automation structure. Looking into the future, the auto manufacturer is looking to Eaton to energize more innovative power management solutions for even greater productivity. At Eaton, we power businesses with reliable, efficient and safe electrical solutions. Combined with our personal service, support and bold thinking, we are answering tomorrow’s needs today. Follow the charge with Eaton. Eaton SmartWire-DT cuts wiring effort by more than 60%. SmartWire-DT makes traditional point-to-point wiring obsolete. It also enables conventional motor control to be incorporated into systems effortlessly. SmartWire-DT cuts wiring effort by more than 60%. Which in turn cut the project’s installation time by 22 business days. Visit input #42 at ©2013 Eaton. All rights reserved.


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