Control Engineering June 2013-CE : Page-73

ADVER TISEMENT New Low-Power Valve Technology Changes the Rules of the Game ASCO offers new line of .55 watt power consumption solenoid valves Process plants worldwide often place consid-erable reliance on low-power solenoid valves. They are used as pilot valves to open and close larger ball or butterfly valves, or on control valves (installed between positioner and actuator) for fail-safe air release if there’s a loss of power. A new generation of even lower-power valves is now changing the rules of the power consumption game for project specifiers in the refining, upstream oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical and life sciences, food and beverage, and power industries. ASCO is leading the development of low-power solenoid valve technology with a new line of products offering .55 watt power consumption while providing highly reliable operating performance. Ideal solution for renewable energy-powered applications The new solenoid valve is an optimal solution for applications powered by renewable energy sources such as solar panels. Its low-power consumption permits the use of smaller battery packs and enables extended operation on the existing back-up energy source. The low-power valve is designed to be wired directly into a plant’s bus network without the need for auxiliary power source. This means two to three times more devices can be in-stalled on a network segment. In addition, the need for an additional relay is eliminated, plus a smaller power supply can be used – reducing the installation and operating costs. The highly flexible valve comes in multiple options for flow efficiency and maximum and minimum temperature and pressure ratings. It has ATEX, FM, CSA, and UL approvals and is SIL-3 certified. on the market delivers higher performance per watt. “ No other solenoid valve ” “ASCO’s new low-power valve is an attractive choice for project and application engineers designing processing systems in remote locations or who want to install more devices directly on their bus networks,” said Robert W. Kemple, Jr., Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing – Americas, ASCO Numatics. “No other solenoid valve on the market delivers higher performance per watt.” For more information, contact ASCO at 800-972-ASCO, by e-mail at, or visit input #38 at

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