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S PECIAL A DVERTISING S ECTION JULY 2012 • PART 2 OF 2 Product Guide OPHTHALMIC Dear Doctor: Review of Ophthalmology is pleased to offer you this preview of many exciting new products now available in the ophthalmic market-place. In the pages to follow, you’ll learn about innovative new medications, diagnostic instruments, corrective lens options, in-office laboratory equipment and many other new products. To obtain more information on a particular product, follow these steps: 1. Circle the corresponding number on the enclosed reader service card for each product of interest to you. 2. Fill in your name and address. 3. Return the postage-paid card to us. Educational materials will be sent directly to you by the individual companies. Thank you for your interest and support! RICHARD D. BAY, PUBLISHER/PRESIDENT A JOBSON PUBLICATION • VOLUME 20 / NUMBER 7 REFRESH OPTIVE ™ ADVANCED WORKS ON ALL THREE LAYERS OF THE TEAR FILM. REDUCES TEAR EVAPORATION • HYDRATES • LUBRICATES © 2012 Allergan, Inc. ® and ™ marks owned by Allergan, Inc. APC26CE12 DISCOVER Allergan, Inc. (800) 433-8871 Circle No. 01 Circle No. 02 Keeler Instruments, Inc. ▲ (800) 523-5620 SPECTRALIS ® OCT WITH BLUEPEAK BluePeak™ blue laser autofluorescence, now available on five SPECTRALIS models, provides a functional indication of retinal health. It can be helpful in dry AMD, drusen, macular edema, retinal dystrophies, and other conditions. • Multi-modality imaging • TruTrack Active Eye Tracking • AutoRescan™ automatic follow-up scan placement • 1-micron Reproducibility • Heidelberg Noise Reduction™ • Network ready CIRRUS™ HD-OCT • Great images and dense data cubes. Highly dense b-scans and the power of the Cirrus cube let you visualize and quantify retinal detail without extra scans. All your past Cirrus cubes can be analyzed using new clinical applications on Cirrus software 6.0 for AMD and glaucoma. • Diagnostics analysis you can trust. With Fovea Finder™ and AutoCenter™ normative data and the best macular segmentation overall, Cirrus lets you trans-form information into insight to support your clinical decision-making. • Change analysis you can trust. With precise, auto-matic visit-to-visit registration, you can both visualize and accurately measure change. New and improved GPA™ now includes optic nerve head parameters. • Superb practice and workflow efficiency. Connects to EMR and FORUM with expanded capabilities to share data among instruments and review stations. • Best-selling OCT in the world, from the industry leader. Over 9,000 customers and counting Circle No. 04 Atrophy seen with BluePeak Blue Laser Autofluorescence + SD-OCT Heidelberg Engineering ▲ (800) 931-2230 Circle No. 03 Carl Zeiss Meditec ▲ (800) 342-9821 Be sure to check out our Web site, too! On , click the Product Guide button. PAGE 1

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