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IMAGES of AGRICULTURAL and BIOLOGICAL ENGINEERING VISUAL CHALLENGE 2 Engineers are proficient in science and technology — and are good communicators as well. In fact, engineers have a unique responsibility to communicate technical concepts to a larger audience. Though traditionally done with words and numbers, Resource asked readers to communicate in images. To call attention to and celebrate the visual aspects of agricultural and biological engineering, we are delighted to present these selected entries received for our Agricultural and Biological Engineering Visual Challenge 2. The beauty and meaning of one's work, research developments, and your Society's divisions come to life on these pages, showing those outside the ABE field: This is what we do." Acknowledging that the selection process was inevitably subjective, the Resource staff is confident that these photos provide a glimpse into the vast variety of activities, work places, and surprises an ag and bio engineering career can offer. Thank you to all respondents in our quest for ag and bio art. We look forward to showcasing entries again in Visual Challenge 3. Su b m i t t e d b y : G a r y F e y e r e i s e n Research Agricultural Engineer, USDA-ARS Soil and Water Management Research Unit, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA “Surveying Ghana“ Photographed by Pete Maskal Traveling with Engineering Ministries International, a group of eight engi-neers designed a reservoir to provide municipal and irrigation water for three villages in the Volta region. Project intern Carl Tompson (now eMi's Director of the Intern Program) surveys water-shed boundaries and reservoir location, foundational to project success. Ph o t o g r a p h e r : B e n j a m i n C o v i n g t o n Graduate Research Assistant, Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Department, Iowa State University, Ames, USA Before Storm Duet 1 “Flying Away“ At the end of the day before a storm, a flock takes flight during the wheat harvest in Highwood, Montana. 24 September/October 2012 RESOURCE

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