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IN MY PATIENT’S EYES, I AM THE The Power of One ™ from Alcon Helping you foster patient loyalty We off er products and resources to help you increase patient satisfaction and maximize your practice’s potential, including: ALCON® contact lenses. Our DAILIES ® brand 1-day and AIR OPTIX ® brand 1-month replacement lenses encourage patient compliance.* In fact, three studies with nearly 3,000 patients found that 1-day and 1-month replacement lens wearers are far more compliant than 2-week replacement lens wearers. 1,2,3 References: 1. Dumbleton K, Woods C, Jones L, et al. Patient and practitioner compliance with silicone hydrogel and daily disposable lens replacement in the United States. Eye & Contact Lens. 2009;35(4):164-171. 2. Yeung K, Forister J, Forister E, et al. Compliance with soft contact lens replacement schedules and associated contact lens-related ocular complications: The UCLA Contact Lens Study. Optometry. 2010;81(11):598-607. 3. Jones L, Dumbleton K, Fonn D, et al. Comfort and compliance with frequent replacement soft contact lenses. Optom Vis Sci. 2002;79:259. *Compliance with manufacturer-recommended replacement frequency. © 2012 Novartis 11/11 POW11000JAD The Academy for Eyecare Excellence Program. Our educational resources help you in the areas of business management, staff training and patient education, so your patients are satisfi ed and keep coming back to your practice. We always strive to be your trusted partner. To learn more, please visit or speak to your Alcon representative. TM

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