Resource Magazine — September/October 2013
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from then new President
Lalit R. Verma

The Value of Agricultural and Biological Engineering

What is the value of our profession?—a profession engaged in enhancing sustainable food, water, and energy systems for humanity? Perhaps it is an unfair question. We cannot assign a monetary value, but the “human” value of the profession is undeniably immense, as we help provide the essential needs of life.

How well have we marketed our profession?—and should we be blowing our own horn? Why not? Who else will do it for us? In the food, water, energy, and sustainability challenges facing the world today, we are the most valuable players!

Our outreach to the global community of agricultural and biological engineers must be proactive and collaborative. Although food production is local, agriculture is an international enterprise, and ASABE must aspire to be international, not at the expense of domestic efforts, but in collaboration with our national programs.

ASABE is already highly respected around the world, and there is a keen desire to affiliate with our Society. We should embrace this confidence in ASABE and expand our global influence and membership through global collaborations, ASABE-led global summits, web-conferencing, virtual discussions on critical issues related to water, land, food, air, energy, sustainability, and economics—and all other opportunities that are available to us. I realize that this is ambitious, but the momentum is strong. Now is the time for us to get going.

ASABE must commit to developing a strategic position that will promote our profession worldwide with a stronger, more unified stance—affirming our expertise and our importance in sustainably providing the essential needs of life.

ASABE is engaged in helping to provide the essential needs of all humanity—nutritious food, abundant water, clean air, renewable energy, and economic opportunity—all sustainably produced in a healthy environment. That is a worthy endeavor, and ours is a worthy profession.

I am honored and humbled to be your next president, and I am looking forward to working with the Society’s membership.