Resource Magazine — November/December 2014
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from the President
Terry Howell Jr

Engage—my simple challenge to you this year is to make a mark where you are. ASABE is comprised of outstanding engineers and scientists who are helping the world with their work. Whether you are designing a part to make precision agriculture more effective, evaluating the kinetics of cell growth to better understand a biological process, exploring ways to extend knowledge on grain storage to partners around the world, or working in another of the many areas that ASABE represents on equally important tasks, you are making an impact. As an ASABE member, you also have an opportunity to help make your Society as strong as it can be.

I would like you to consider how to engage ASABE in a variety of ways. It could include striving to make your Section more relevant and attractive to fellow members. It could include reaching out to partner societies to identify ways to share our influence. It could be as small as inviting an old classmate or two to renew their membership if you haven’t seen them in a while. Whatever it is, be intentional about making ASABE better this year.

Providing the world of 2050 with ample safe and nutritious food under the ever-increasing pressures of climate change, water limitations, and population growth will be a monumental challenge that requires engagement of ASABE members with their colleagues and thought leaders from around the world. Inside this issue, you will find perspectives on the topic by contributors ranging from farmers to futurists. The challenges of food security are daunting, but I can think of no other profession that’s better equipped or better qualified to tackle them. I hope you are as inspired as I am by these articles.

As I close, I would like to thank Donna Hull, ASABE’s recently retired Director of Publications. For 34 years, Donna worked to enhance our publications, from Resource to our refereed journals. These publications are a key part of our communication to the world, and their quality reflects the efforts of our members and Donna’s vision to share our stories and research. In particular, her efforts to digitize our Technical Library were invaluable. Join me in wishing her all the best in retirement.

I am energized and excited to serve as your 2014-2015 President. I look forward to seeing you at Society functions, and I welcome any ideas you have to make this a great year for ASABE.