Resource Magazine — March/April 2014
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from the President
Lalit R. Verma

Showing the World Who We Are, What We Do

In my previous Resource column, I addressed how ASABE’s reconfiguration, for more efficient alignment of our technical divisions, will enable the growth and marketing of our profession and our Society. The value of our profession can only be communicated by marketing ourselves to the public and to policymakers. In particular, the reconfiguration treats agricultural engineering and biological engineering as common threads throughout ASABE, showing how both of these engineering fields benefit the people of the world by providing nutritious food, clean water, abundant energy, and a healthy environment. Our goal is to market these efforts—and thereby gain our profession’s rightful place in the global arena.

Retaining a greater proportion of our student members and attracting others to join us is another important challenge facing ASABE. The realignment and marketing effort will be critically important in meeting this challenge. The targeted audience should recognize our relevance and competence in working to solve the grand challenges that the world is facing. Whether we apply our expertise in agriculture to address food, water, and energy issues, or we conduct fundamental research in biological engineering to develop new products and processes, we must ensure that our efforts are recognized and understood. Engineers are usually not effective marketers, so we need marketing expertise to help us. The message needs to be: who we are, what we do, and how we are vital.

An effective marketing effort is critical to the future of our profession and ASABE. Retaining current members and attracting new ones is also a high priority, and we do not have time to waste. With potential members having many options to choose from, we need to provide the compelling value they seek in joining ASABE. Watch for the marketing deliverables— and help promote how you and ASABE benefit the people of the world!