Resource Magazine — November/December 2013
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from the President
Lalit R. Verma

For ASABE, Membership Value is a Priority

ASABE is a globally engaged professional organization. With this in mind, Membership Value is a Priority (MVP) is the theme of my term as your president. Over the years, our Society has made many significant contributions to feeding the world and providing for its needs. This legacy has brought a deep respect for our profession and a desire to affiliate with ASABE from all around the globe. Can we promote the MVP of ASABE without our global partners? No, because membership value must be a global priority.

To increase our engagement with the agricultural and biological engineering challenges that the world is facing, a Global Challenges Forum was held at the 2013 AIM in Kansas City, with eleven international participants under the leadership of Robert Easter, President of the University of Illinois. This event generated much enthusiasm, and efforts are underway for a day-long Global Engagement Day at the 2014 AIM in Montreal with our Canadian partners in CSBE.

International events like these will help us develop a strategic vision for our role in a global context. Publicizing our strategic vision will promote our profession globally, affirming our unique expertise in sustainably providing the essential needs of life. We can embrace the confidence in ASABE and expand our global influence and membership through collaborations, ASABE-led global summits, webconferencing, virtual discussions on critical issues related to water, land, food, air, energy, sustainability, and economics— and all other opportunities available to us. We can invite global leaders in these areas to share their expertise with our membership and foster partnerships. These efforts will promote both our Society and our profession, and they will underscore the value of ASABE membership. This is a portion of my agenda for the coming year, and the time is right for us to get motivated and get moving into the future. In providing sustainable food, water, and energy systems for humanity, we are the Most Valuable Players.